Chronology of Lin Shu’s Life      林紓年譜


This chronology is mainly based on Zhang Xu’s Lin Shu nianpu changbian.



Please refer to the following image for Lin Shu's family tree (2.19 MB). We wish to express our gratitude to Lin Shu's grandson, Li Jian 李建, for the corrigenda to the original family tree.

林紓家譜系圖請參考下圖 (2.19 MB)。感謝林紓外孫李建對原譜的更正。


November 8, 1852 – Lin Shu 林紓 is born in Min 閩 county, today’s Fuzhou 福州. His original name was Qunyu 群玉, later Binghui 秉輝 and, once schooled, Shu 紓. His courtesy name was once Hui 徽, later Qinnan 琴南.

1856 – His father moves to Taiwan for business and Lin Shu starts studying the Chinese Classics, beginning with the Xiaojing 孝經.

1858 – He gets interested in poetry and classical literature. He finds and reads the Shiji 史記 in the library of his uncle Guo Bin 國賓 (1833-1886).

1859 –Studies the Classics by himself, including Maoshi 毛詩, Shangshu 尚書 and Zuozhuan 左傳.

1860 – His family chooses Liu Qiongzi 劉瓊姿 (1852-1897), courtesy name Mengzhi 孟質), daughter of Liu Youcai 劉有菜 (courtesy name Zuoji 作楫, assumed name Xiumei 修梅), as his future wife.

Middle, 1869 – Marries Liu Qiongzhi.

1870 – This year he witnesses the consecutive deaths of his paternal grandfather, his father and his paternal grandmother.

1872 – Starts teaching young kids in order to support his family.

1874 – Does private tutoring and studies painting with Chen Wentai 陳文台 (1816-1899).

1882 – Establishes the Branch Society of Fuzhou 福州支社, together with nineteen more poets, in Guanglu Lane 光祿坊, Fuzhou. The society will dissolve after Zhou Changgeng 周長庚 (1844-1893) passes away in the spring of 1893.

May 6, 1882 – Joins the preliminary round of imperial examinations (kekao 科考) in Min county.

September 20, 1882 – Takes the preliminary imperial examination in Min.

March 23, 1883 – Goes to Beijing to take part on the jinshi 進士 examination, which he fails.

1885 – Works as a teacher with Chen Chun 陳蒓 and Huang Yanhong 黃彥鴻 (1866-1923) for Xie Zhangting 謝章鋌 (1820-1903).

February, 1886 – Travels to Beijing to participate in the imperial examination of the Ministry of Rites 禮部, which he fails.

1888-1891 – Studies and lectures at Fuzhou’s Deep Study龍潭精舍.

Spring, 1889 – Goes back to Beijing to participate in the imperial examination of Ministry of Rites, which he fails again.

March, 1890 – Returns to Beijing to participate in the imperial examination of Ministry of Rites, which he fails again.

Spring, 1892 – Returns to Beijing for the fifth time to participate in the imperial examination of Ministry of Rites, which he fails again.

Spring, 1895 – Returns to Beijing for the sixth time to participate in the imperial examination.

March 28, 1896 – Returns from Beijing and gathers with Chen Yan 陳衍 (1856-1937) and others at Shuangcan Park 雙驂園 in Wushi Mountain 烏石山, Fuzhou.

March, 1897 – Lin Shu’s first wife, Liu Qiongzi, gets sick. He moves from his residence at Nantai, Cangxiazhou 南台蒼霞洲 to Xiahuang St., Jin Lane 下皇街金巷. Lin Shu’s former residence was reconverted into a school by Chen Bi 陳璧 (1852-1928), Li Jun 力鈞 and Sun Baojin 孫葆瑨, under the name Blue Clouds Study蒼霞精舍 (later named Fuzhou Public Blue Clouds Middle School 福州公立蒼霞中學堂).

Summer, 1897 – Shorter after his wife’s death, Lin Shu’s depression accentuates. His friend Wei Han 魏瀚 (1851-1929) introduces him to Wang Shouchang 王壽昌 (1863-1925), who studied in France for 6 years (1885-1891). He convinces Lin Shu to translate Dumas’ La Dame aux camélias into Chinese. According to Zheng Xiaoxu’s 鄭孝胥 (1860-1938) diary, Lin Shu had it already translated by December 10, 1898.

Late, 1898 – Lin Shu wishes to translate the biographies of Napoleon Bonaparte 拿破崙第一全傳 and Otto von Bismarck俾斯麥全傳, which were acquired by Zheng Shugong 鄭叔恭 in Paris, but his acquaintances found them too difficult and the project was abandoned. He also married his second wife, Yang Daoyu 楊道鬱 (1874-?), this year.

February, 1899 – Lin Shu is invited by Chen Xixian 陳希賢 to teach in the Dongcheng Study 東城講舍 in Hangzhou 杭州. Lin Shu returns to Min and takes his family back to Hangzhou, where he lectures on Han and pre-Han Chinese History. Lin Shu will remain in this institution for over three years.

April 29, 1899 – Lin Shu’s daughter Lin Xue 林雪 (1874-1899) passes away in Min. Lin Shu goes back with Gao Fengqi 高鳳岐 to mourn her.

1901 – Following the death of his friend Lin Qi 林啓 (1839-1900) in May 22, Lin Shu, Shao Zhang 邵章 (1872-1953), Chen Jingdi 陳敬第 (1876-1966), He Xiehou 何燮侯 (1878-1961) and others establish Lin Society 林社 in Beilu, at Western River’s Gu Mountain 西湖孤山北麓, Hangzhou.

March 5, 1901 – He collaborates with Yi Lin 譯林 publisher as translation supervisor (jian yi 監譯).

August, 1901 – His translation of Harriet Beecher’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Heinu yutian lu 黒奴籲天録) is probably finished or almost finished, since Cai Yuanpei 蔡元培 (1868-1940) read it before going to print.

Autumn, 1901 – Lin Shu moves with his family to Beijing, where he teaches at the Beijing Academy 金臺書院. He will remain in Beijing for eleven years, until 1912. He resides at Wai Yongguang Temple Street, Shunzhi Door 順治門外永光寺街.

May, 1902 – Lin Shu is appointed chief professor (zongjiaoxi 總教習) of Chinese Humanities 國文 at Five Districts Middle School 五城中學堂 by Chen Bi 陳璧 (1852-1928). He will teach here for fifteen years.

June 6, 1902 – Starts working with Yan Fu 嚴復 (1854-1921) at the Translation Department of the Imperial University of Peking 京師大學堂編譯局 by recommendation of Wu Rulun 吳汝綸 (1840-1903).

November, 1902 – The draft for Michael Haberlandt’s Volkerkunde (Minzhongxue 民種學) is completed.

December 17, 1902 – Lin Shu works as chief assistant (fu zongban 副總辦) in the Translation Department of the Imperial University of Peking 京師大學堂編譯局.

January, 1903 – Lin Shu is recommended to langzhong 郎中 by Chen Bi 陳璧 (1852-1928), a position he refuses.

September-October, 1906 – He is hired by Li Jiaju 李家駒 (1871-1938) to teach preparatory classes of Ethics 倫理學 at the Imperial University of Peking京師大學堂. Lin Shu relies on Ming scholar Sun Qifeng 孫奇逢 (1585-1675) and his Lixue zongchuan 理學宗傳.

1907 – Starts compiling his Qingchao wen duben 清朝文讀本. He also does part-time job as professor of Chinese Humanities 國文教習, teaching in Fujianese at the Fujian School 閩學堂 recently established in Beijing.

December 31, 1909 – He is appointed to the Department of Humanities of the Imperial University of Peking 京師大學堂文科 (starting February-March, 1910), while he still lectures at the Five Districts Middle School 五城中學堂, the Higher Industry School 高等實業學堂 and the Fujian School 閩學堂.

February, 1911 – Lin Shu joins the Xinhai Poetry Society 辛亥詩社 with Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 (1860-1938), Chen Baochen 陳寶琛 (1848-1935), Hu Sijing 胡思敬 (1869-1922) and others.

Spring, 1911 – Lin Shu joins the poetry society established by Fan Zengxiang 樊增祥 (1846-1931) and Luo Dunrong 羅惇曧 (1872-1924).

September 15, 1911 – Following the recent Wuchang Uprising 武昌起義, Lin Shu decides to send his family to the concession territories of Tianjin.

November 9, 1911 – Lin Shu moves to the English concession of Tianjin.

Spring, 1912 – Lin Shu and Cai Yuanpei 蔡元培 (1868-1940) start the Jinhua zazhi 進化雜誌.

June, 1912 – Joins the Confucian Guild 孔教公會 with Yan Fu 嚴復 (1854-1921), Liang Qichao 梁啟超 (1873-1929), Ma Qichang  馬其昶 (1855-1930), Yao Yonggai 姚永概 (1866-1923) and others.

October, 1912 – Lin Shu takes his family back to Beijing.

April, 1913 – Lin Shu leaves Beijing University.

Summer, 1914 – Lin Shu is appointed to emeritus compiler (ming yu zuanxiu 名譽纂修) by the government, but he rejects the position.

1915 – Attends a youth meeting in Beijing, where he gives a conference under the title “Youths should respect the country” 青年宜尊重國家.

July, 1916 – Editor chief of Wenxue jiangyi 文學講義 of the Zhonghua bianyi she 中華編譯社 in Shanghai.

July 5, 1917 – Lin Shu moves his family to Tianjin, but he remains in Beijing.

September, 1918 – Contributions to Wenxue changshi 文學常識, together with Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 (1860-1938), Ma Qichang  馬其昶 (1855-1930), Yao Yonggai 姚永概 (1866-1923) and Chen Yan 陳衍 (1856-1937) under the direction of Liu Jinjiang 劉錦江.

October, 1918 – Joins the Dusk Room Poetry Group 晚晴簃詩滙 with Fan Zengxiang 樊增祥 (1846-1931).

January 31, 1919 – Emperor Puyi 溥儀 (1906-1967) gives Lin Shu for the third time an Spring Bar (chuntiao 春條).

1919 – Moves to Rongxian hutong 絨線胡同, near the Female Higher Normal School.

May, 1920 – Lin Shu joins the Chinese Painting Research Association 中國畫學研究會.

Spring, 1921 – Participates in a Scholar Meeting of Poetry at Beijing’s Martyr’s Shrine 法源寺, together with Fan Zhibo 潘之博, Liang Hongzhi 梁鴻志 (1882-1946), Lin Sijin 林思進 (1874-1953), Zhao Xi 趙熙 (1867-1948), Chen Yan 陳衍 (1856-1937), Hu Sijing胡思敬 (1869-1922), Chen Baochen 陳寶琛 (1848-1935), Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 (1860-1938), Luo Dunrong 羅惇曧 (1872-1924), Mao Guangsheng 冒廣生 (1873-1959), Zeng Xijing 曾習經 (1867-1926), and Wen Su 溫肅 (1879-1939).

Winter, 1921 – Lin Shu stops his translator activities.

August 9, 1922 – Lin Shu gets sick. He is attended by the German doctor Edmund Dipper and later hospitalized until August 29.

1922 – Lecturer at the Confucian University 孔教大學.

March-April, 1923 – Lectures at the Lizhi School 勵志學校.

October-November, 1923 – Lin Shu gets sick.

June 10, 1924 – Lin Shu gets sick.

June 20, 1924 – His last conference at the Confucian University 孔教大學.

August 26, 1924 – At night Lin Shu feels unwell and passes out. He is finally attended by Edmund Dipper, who diagnoses him with heart failure.

August 28, 1924 – Conscious of his imminent death, he writes his own memorial.

September 29, 1924 – Lin Shu’s sickness aggravates and his body rejects food and drink.

October 8, 1924 – Unable to eat or speak, he writes his famous last words on Lin Cong 林琮’s (1904-?) hand: “The undying principles of Classical language, do not be dilatory and take care of them” 古文萬無滅亡之理,其勿怠爾修.

October 9, 1924 – Lin Shu dies at 2 or 3 in the morning at his residence in Beijing. His body is moved to the Longquan Temple at southern suburbs 龍泉寺, unable to go back to Fujian due to Second Zhili-Fengtian War.

1925 – His body is finally moved by his family to Fuzhou.


Lin Shu's Travels   旅途記錄


1852 – Moves to Jianning 建寧 county, Fujian, with his father.

1867-April, 1869 – Moves with his father to Danshui 淡水, Taiwan 台灣, near Xianzi Street 蜆子街.

October, 1878 – Lin Shu returns to Taiyang 台陽, Taiwan to mourn his brother Bingyao 秉耀, who died on September 30 in Huwei 滬尾, Danshui.

March 23, 1883 – Goes to Beijing 北京 to take part on the jinshi 進士 examination.

1885  – Third travel to Taiwan to attend his cousin Binghua 秉華’s wedding.

February, 1886  – Travels to Beijing to participate in the imperial examination of Ministry of Rites 禮部.

Spring, 1889 – Goes back to Beijing to participate in the imperial examination of Ministry of Rites, which he fails again.

March, 1890 – Returns to Beijing to participate in the imperial examination of Ministry of Rites, which he fails once more.

November 18, 1890 – Visits the Fangguang cliff 方廣岩 in Yongfu 永福 county, Fuzhou, with Zheng Shungao 鄭舜皋, Cao Yunan 曹於南, Chen Liner 陳林二.

Spring, 1892 – Returns to Beijing to participate in the imperial examination of Ministry of Rites, which he fails again. He then visits Shanghai and for six days the Lake Xizi 西子湖 in Hangzhou 杭州.

Spring, 1895 – Returns to Beijing for the sixth time to participate in the imperial examination.

March 28, 1896 – Returns from Beijing and gathers with Chen Yan 陳衍 and others at Shuangcan Park 雙驂園 in Wushi Mountain 烏石山, Fuzhou.

March, 1898 – While residing in Hangzhou, he travels with Gao Fengqi 高鳳岐 to Beijing to take the imperial examination for the last time.

May 20, 1898 – Travels to Hangzhou with Zheng Xiaocheng 鄭孝檉, brother of Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥.

May 29, 1898 – Travels across Hangzhou’s Yunqi Dock 雲栖塢 with Li Xuangong 李宣龔Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 and Lin Xu 林旭. He will reside in Hangzhou for over three years.

February, 1899 – Lin Shu is invited to Hangzhou by Lin Qi林啟, together with Lin Baishui 林白水 and Gao Fengqi 高鳳岐. Later Chen Xixian 陳希賢 invites him to teach in the Dongcheng Jiangshe 東城講舍. Lin Shu goes back to Min and moves with his family back to Hangzhou.

April 15, 1899 – Visits Jiuxi shibadong 九溪十八洞 in Hangzhou’s Yanxia Ridge 煙霞嶺 with Wu Dexiao 吳德瀟, Gao Fengqi 高鳳岐 and his student Shao Bojiong 邵伯絅.

May-June, 1899 – Visits Hangzhou’s Yue Tomb 岳墳, Niu Gao’s Tomb 宋輔文後墓, etc. with Chen Jishi 陳吉士 and his family.

October 23-24, 1899 – Visits Hangzhou’s Xi Brook 西溪 with Lin Qi林啟, Gao Fengqi 高鳳岐 and others, and later Hua Dock 花塢 with Yang Baochen 楊寶臣 and others.

Spring, 1900 – Visits Gao Fengqi 高鳳岐 in Jiaxing 嘉興.

Autumn, 1901 – Moves to Beijing with his family, where he remains for the next eleven years.

1907 – Travels to Mount Lu 盧山.

November 9, 1911 – Lin Shu moves to the British concession of Tianjin.

November 17, 1911 – Goes back to Beijing to check his previous residence, then returns to Tianjin.

February 29, 1912 – Goes back to Beijing to check his previous residence, taking a break at 小有天 with 劉冠雄 and 高稔. Because of the disturbs in Beijing, he cannot go back to Tianjin that night.

October, 1912 – Lin Shu takes his family back to Beijing.

March-April – Visits with Chen Yan 陳衍 and Chen Baochen 陳寶琛 Beijing’s Forbidden City 故宮 and the Imperial Lake 太掖池.

May 11, 1913 – Lin Shu travels to the Taoran Pavilion 陶然亭.

April 4-May, 1914 – From Tianjin travels to Shandong and visits the Confucius’ Temple and other sites with Chen Maoding 陳懋鼎 and Lin Zhijun 林志鈞.

August-September, 1914 – Visits the Summer Palace 頤和園 with Li Zongyan 李宗言 and Zhuo Xiaofu 卓孝復.

October 26, 1914 – Travels to Yuquan Mountain 玉泉山 with Chen Baochen 陳寶琛 and others.

December 7, 1914 – Lin Shu visits the Imperial Tombs with Liang Dingfen 梁鼎芬 and Wen Nanxiu 溫南秀.

June 6-7, 1915 – Visits the Tanzhe Temple 潭柘 in Beijing with Chen Yongxin 陳永鑫 and Chen Zhilin 陳之麟.

July-August, 1915 – Visits Xuzhou 徐州, Pukou 浦口 in Nanjing 南京 and Shanghai, among other places.

September, 1915 – Visits Shanghai, staying at Gao Fengqian 高鳳謙’s residence and, later, at Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥’s and Shen Yuqing 沈瑜慶’s.

October 7, 1915 – Celebrates Yao Yonggai 姚永概’s birthday visiting Jingye River Temple 淨業湖 in Beijing with Ma Qichang 馬其昶Yao Yongpu 姚永樸, Zhu Kongzhang 朱孔彰 and others.

November 4-5, 1915 – The first day visits in Shanghai Shen Yuqing 沈瑜慶Gao Fengqian 高鳳謙, Jiang Boxun 江伯訓and Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥. The next day visits tomb of Zhang Yuangong 張園公and dinners with Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥Li Xuangong 李宣龔Gao Fengqian 高鳳謙 and Jiang Boxun 江伯訓.

November 18, 1915 – Leaves Shanghai.

April 5, 1916 – Fourth visit to the Imperial Tombs with Liang Dingfen 梁鼎芬.

November 16, 1916 – Fifth visit to the Imperial Tombs with Liang Dingfen 梁鼎芬 and Yu Lian 毓廉.

December 5, 1917 – Sixth visit to the Imperial Tombs.

November 24, 1918 – Seventh visit to the Imperial Tombs with Yu Lian 毓廉.

December 12, 1919 – Eighth visit to the Imperial Tombs.

November 30, 1920 – Ninth visit to the Imperial Tombs.

May 24-June 8, 1921 – Travels to Shanghai, where he meets Gao Fengqian 高鳳謙, Jiang Boxun 江伯訓, Dongsheng 洞省, Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥, Zheng Xiaocheng 鄭孝檉, Li Xuangong 李宣龔, Jiang Lizhe 蔣李哲.

June 8-10, 1921 – Travels to the Yandang Mountains 雁蕩山 in Wenzhou with Gao Fengqian 高鳳謙, Zheng Xiaocheng 鄭孝檉, Li Xuangong 李宣龔and Jiang Lizhe 蔣李哲.

June 10, 1921 – Returns from Hangzhou and meets in Shanghai with Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 and Kang Youwei 康有為. Returns to Beijing in late June or July.

November 20, 1921 – Tenth visit to the Imperial Tombs.

April 5, 1922 – Eleventh visit to the Imperial Tombs.

Spring, 1922 – Goes back to Fujian to mourn Yan Fu 嚴復.

Spring, 1923 – Travels to the Lake Xizi 西子湖 with Chen Baochen 陳寶琛Chen Yan 陳衍, Li Jun 力鈞 and Huang Maoqian 黃懋謙.


Lin Shu's Acquaintances    熟人好友


The following list includes the names of some of the most important Lin Shu’s acquainstances and friends and the known dates of their different meetings.


1871 – Ding Fengxiang 丁鳳翔, courtesy name Hexuan 和軒, native of Wenling 溫陵, modern Quanzhou 泉州 .

1877 – Lin Songqi 林崧祁, courtesy name Shu’an 述庵, poet native of Min 閩 county, modern Fuzhou 福州。

1878 – Zhou Changgeng 周長庚 (1847-1892), courtesy name Xinzhong 辛仲, educator native of Houguan 侯官, modern Fuzhou.

1881 – Chen Yan 陳衍 (1856-1937), courtesy name Shuyi 叔伊, poet native of Houguan, modern Fuzhou.

1883 – Li Zongyi 李宗禕 (1857-1895), courtesy name Ciyu 次玉, poet native of Houguan, modern Fuzhou.

1886 – Shen Yuqing 沈瑜慶 (1858-1918), courtesy name Zhiyu 志雨, poet native of Houguan, modern Fuzhou.

March 28, 1896 – Visits Shuangcan Park 雙驂園 (Wushi Mountain 烏石山 in Fuzhou 福州) with Chen Yan 陳衍, Chen Xiangxue 陳香雪, Wu Cengqi 吳曾祺 (1852-1929, courtesy name Yiting 翼亭, native of Houguan, modern Fuzhou), He Zhendai 何振岱 (1867-1952, courtesy name Meisheng 梅生, native of Houguan, modern Fuzhou),  Hong Xingfan 洪星帆 and others.

April-May, 1898 – Meets Lin Xu 林旭 (1875-1898, courtesy name Tungu 暾谷, native of Houguan, modern Fuzhou) at Li Xuangong 李宣龔 (1876-1953, courtesy name Bake 拔可, native of Min, modern Fuzhou)’s residence in Beijing 北京.

May 18-19, 1898 – Meets Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 (1860-1938, courtesy name Sukan 蘇龕, native of Min, modern Fuzhou), Zheng Xiaocheng 鄭孝檉 (1863-1946, courtesy name Zhixin 稚辛, native of Min, modern Fuzhou), Gao Fengqi 高鳳岐 (1858-1909, courtesy name Xiaotong 嘯桐, native of Changle 長樂, modern Fuzhou) and Li Xuangong 李宣龔. They meet again on May 20 without Li Xuangong 李宣龔.

June 8-11, 1898 – Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 and Lin Xu 林旭.

1899-1901 – Wu Dexiao 吳德瀟 (d. 1900, courtesy name Jiqing 季清) and Chen Xixian 陳希賢 (native of Min, modern Fuzhou).

July 23 and Nov 24, 1899 – Cai Yuanpei 蔡元培 (1868-1940, courtesy name Heqing 鶴卿, native of Shaoxing 紹興, Zhejiang 浙江).

January-February, 1900 – Fan Dangshi范當世 (1854-1904, courtesy name Kentang 肯堂, native of Jiangsu 江蘇) and Shen Yuqing 沈瑜慶.

Spring, 1900 – Visits Gao Fengqi 高鳳岐 in Jiaxing 嘉興, Zhejiang.

July 23, 1901 – Cai Yuanpei 蔡元培.

August 18, 1901 – Meets Cai Yuanpei 蔡元培, who sees some pages of Lin Shu’s upcoming Heinu yutian lu 黒奴籲天録 (Harriet Beecher’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin).

November 11, 1901 – Cai Yuanpei 蔡元培.

November 24, 1901 – Dinner with Cai Yuanpei 蔡元培, Luobo 雒伯, Shi Jiugeng 史久庚 (courtesy name Shitan 師譚, native of Luanyang 灤陽, Hebei 河北), Weng Zhenbo 翁震伯 and Yaquan 亞泉.

c. 1902 – Wu Rulun 吳汝綸 (1840-1903, courtesy name Zhifu 挚甫, native of Tongcheng 桐城, modern Zongyang 樅陽, Anhui 安徽).

September 9, 1906 – Meets Xu Baoheng 許寶蘅 (1875-1961, courtesy name Jixiang 季湘, native of Renhe 仁和, modern Hangzhou 杭州), Zeng Yougu 曾又固, Feng Lingzhi 馮令之, Zhong Xiluo 鐘希洛, Wu Zhongchi 吳仲篪, Wei Yi 魏易 (1880-1930, courtesy name Chongshu 冲叔, native of Renhe, modern Hangzhou), Wang Kangnian 汪康年 (1860-1911, courtesy name Rangqing穰卿, native of Qiantang 錢塘, modern Hangzhou), Dong Hong 董鴻 (1877-1916), courtesy name Xunshi 恂士, native of Renhe, modern Hangzhou) and Zi Chenshu 紫臣書.

September 15, 1906 – Xu Baoheng 許寶蘅.

November 2, 1906 – Dinner with Xu Baoheng 許寶蘅Yan Fu 嚴復 (1854-1921, courtesy name Youling 又陵, native of Houguan, modern Fuzhou), Wei Han 魏瀚 (1851-1929, courtesy name Jizhu 季渚, native of Fuzhou), Tian Wuzhao 田吳炤 (1870-1926, courtesy name Fuhuo 伏侯, native of Jingzhou 荊州, Hubei 湖北), Duan Xu 端緒 (courtesy name Zhonggang 仲剛), Xu Renjing 徐仁鏡 (1870-1915, courtesy name Yingfu 瑩甫, native of Yixing 宜興, Jiangsu), Chen Zhengshou 陳曾壽 (1878-1949, courtesy Renxian 仁先, native of Qishui 蕲水, modern Xishui 浠水, Hubei), Zheng Bang 鄭邦 (courtesy name Xiaoxian 孝先) and Yan Boqu 嚴伯璩.

December 19, 1906 – Celebrates the birthday of Wei Yi 魏易’s wife with Xu Baoheng 許寶蘅, Zeng Yougu 曾又固, Wu Zhongchi 吳仲篪, Wang Kangnian 汪康年and Feng Lingzhi 馮令之.

1906 – Ma Qichang 馬其昶 (1855-1930), courtesy name Tongbo 通伯, native of Tongcheng, modern Zongyang 樅陽, Anhui 安徽.

1907 – Liang Dingfen  梁鼎芬 (1859-1919), courtesy name Xinghai 星海, native of Guangzhou 廣州. In Beijing he also meets Zhao Binglin 趙炳麟 (1876-1927), courtesy name Bingyue 炳粵, native of Shaoshui 紹水, Guangxi.

May 12, 1908 – Meets Xu Baoheng 許寶蘅, Chen Gengnian 陳庚年, Liu Weiyong 劉維勇 (b. 1893, courtesy name Jianqiu 劍秋, native of Liaoning 遼寧), Dai Li 戴笠 (1897-1946, courtesy name Yunong 雨農, native of Jiangshan 江山, Zhejiang), Li Wenshi 李文石, Luo Zhenyu 羅振玉 (1866-1940, courtesy name Shuyun 叔蘊, native of Huaianfu 淮安府, Jiangsu), Chen Yi 陳毅 (b. 1873, courtesy name Shike 士可, native of Hubei), Xu Renjing 徐仁鏡, Liu Pusheng 劉樸生, Fu Yuefen傅嶽棻 (1878-1951, courtesy name Zhixiang 治薌, native of Hubei) and Yang Yizeng 楊義曾.

October 27, 1909 – Dinner with Chen Baochen 陳寶琛 (1848-1935, courtesy name Boqian 伯潜, native of Min, modern Fuzhou), Chen Yan 陳衍Shen Yuqing 沈瑜慶, Liang Dingfen  梁鼎芬and others at Zhang Zengyang 張曾敭 (1852-1920, courtesy name Xiaofan 筱帆, native of Hebei)’s residence.

November 6, 1909 – Shen Yuqing 沈瑜慶 invites Lin Shu, Liang Dingfen  梁鼎芬 and Yu Shimei 于式枚 (1865-1916, courtesy name Huiruo 晦若, native of He 賀, modern Hezhou 賀州, Guangxi) to have dinner at Chen Baochen 陳寶琛’s residence.

November 14, 1909 – Meets Yan Fu 嚴復, Li Jun 力鈞 (1855-1925, courtesy name Xuanju 軒舉, native of Yongtai 永泰, modern Fuzhou) and others.

January 2, 1910 – Yan Fu 嚴復.

January 4, 1910 – Yan Fu 嚴復.

January 16, 1910 – Yan Fu 嚴復.

May-June, 1910 – Meets Liu Shiheng 劉世珩 (1874-1926, courtesy name Congshi 蔥石, native of Anhui), Zeng Xijing 曾習經 (1867-1926, Courtesy name Gangfu 剛甫, native of Guangdong 廣東), Zhang Hua 章華 (1872-1930, courtesy name Manxian 曼仙, native of Hunan 湖南), Xu Naichang 徐乃昌 (1862-1936, courtesy name Jiyu 積余, native of Nanling 南陵, Anhui), Zhang Yu 章鈺 (1864-1934, courtesy name Shizhi 式之, native of Changzhou 長洲, modern Suzhou 蘇州), Yuan Lihuai 袁勵淮 (1876-1935, courtesy name Juesheng 珏生, native of Wanping 宛平, Hebei) and Cao Zhiji 曹直暨.

September, 1910 – Visits Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 with Gao Erqian 高而謙 (1863-1918, courtesy name Ziyi 子益, native of Changle, modern Fuzhou).

September 10, 1910 – Visits Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 with Chen Yan 陳衍. They eat together the next day.

November 6, 1910 – Meets Chen Yan 陳衍Zhao Xi 趙熙 (1867-1948, courtesy name Yaosheng 堯生, native of Rong 榮, Sichuan 四川), Hu Sijing 胡思敬 (1869-1922, courtesy name Shutang 漱唐, native of Jiangxi 江西), Wang Shitong 王式通 (1863-1931, courtesy name Zhian 志盦, native of Shaoxing, Zhejiang), Ma Qichang 馬其昶Yao Yongpu 姚永樸 (1861-1939, courtesy name Zhongshi 仲實, native of Tongcheng, Anhui), Chen Shi 陳詩 (1864-1943, courtesy name Ziyan 子言, native of Lujiang 廬江, Anhui), Wu Baochu 吳保初 (1869-1913, courtesy name Yanfu 彥復, native of Lujiang, Anhui), Mao Guangsheng 冒廣生 (1873-1959, courtesy name Heting 鶴亭, native of Jiangsu) and others.

1911 – Yao Yonggai 姚永概 (1866-1923), courtesy name Shujie 叔節, native of Tongcheng, Anhui.

January, 1911 – Meets Chen Baochen 陳寶琛Chen Yan 陳衍, Chen Zhengshou 陳曾壽, Liang Dingfen 梁鼎芬, Miao Quansun 繆荃孫 (1844-1919, courtesy name Yanzhi 炎之, native of Jiangsu), Liu Shipei 劉師培 (1884-1919, courtesy name Shenshu 申叔, native of Jiangsu), Yu Shimei 于式枚Fu Yuefen傅嶽棻, Li Wenshi 李文石, Chen Yili 陳毅力, Ke Shaomin 柯紹忞 (1850-1933, courtesy name Fengsun 鳳蓀, native of Shandong 山東), Wang Shitong 王式通, Lao Naixuan 勞乃宣 (1843-1921, courtesy name Yuchu 玉初, native of Hebei) and others.

February 1-3, 1911 – Meets Chen Yan 陳衍Gao Erqian 高而謙Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥Lin Shaonian 林紹年 (1845-1916, courtesy name Zanyu 贊虞, native of Min, modern Fuzhou), Lin Mingsun 林銘孫, Zhou Jingtao 周景濤 (courtesy name Songsun 松孫, native of Hou, modern Fuzhou), Duan Fang 端方 (1861-1911, courtesy name Wuqiao 午橋, native of Zhili直隸), Yu Shimei 于式枚, Ke Shaomin 柯紹忞and Guo Zengxin 郭曾炘 (1855-1928, courtesy name Chunyu 春榆, native of Houguan, modern Fuzhou).

February 5, 1911 – Meets Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥Chen Baochen 陳寶琛Hu Sijing 胡思敬Zhao Xi 趙熙, Lin Sijin 林思進 (1874-1953, courtesy name Shanyu 山腴, native of Huayang 華陽, Sichuan), Luo Dunrong 羅惇曧 (1872-1924, courtesy name Xiaoyu  孝遹, native of Shunde 順德, Guangdong), Zeng Xijing 曾習經, Pan Ruoan 潘弱盦, Chen Yan 陳衍, Wen Su 溫肅 (1879-1939, courtesy name Yifu 毅夫, native of Shunde, Guangdong), Mao Guangsheng 冒廣生and Liang Hongzhi 梁鴻志 (1882-1946, courtesy name Zhongyi 仲毅, native of Changle, modern Fuzhou).

February 8, 1911 – Meets Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥Chen Yan 陳衍, Sun Xiong 孫雄 (1866-1935, courtesy name Shizheng 師鄭, native of Jiangsu) and Fu Zixiang 傅子香.

February 18, 1911 – Meets Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥Zhao Xi 趙熙Chen Baochen 陳寶琛Chen Yan 陳衍Luo Dunrong 羅惇曧, Wen Su 溫肅 and Mao Guangsheng 冒廣生.

March 6, 1911 – Dinner with Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥Chen Bi 陳璧 (1852-1928, courtesy name Yucang 玉蒼, native of Min, modern Fuzhou) and Li Jun 力鈞.

March 20, 1911 – Visits Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 with Chen Yan 陳衍 and Li Jun 力鈞.

March 23, 1911 – Scholar meeting at Taoran Pavilion 陶然亭 with Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥Zhao Xi 趙熙Hu Sijing 胡思敬, Wen Su 溫肅, Zeng Xijing 曾習經Luo Dunrong 羅惇曧, Pan Bo 潘博 (1874-1916, courtesy name Ruohai 若海, native of Nanhai 南海, modern Guangzhou), Lin Sijin 林思進, Mao Guangsheng 冒廣生, Chen Baochen 陳寶琛Chen Yan 陳衍Liang Hongzhi 梁鴻志.

March 28, 1911 – Dinner at Gao Erqian 高而謙’s residence with Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥.

March 31, 1911 – Meets Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 at Chen Yan 陳衍’s residence.

April 4, 1911 – Meets Chen Yan 陳衍 and Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 at Liulichang 琉璃廠, Beijing.

April 6, 1911 – Visits Wansheng Park 萬生園 in Beijing with Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 and Zhao Futian 趙福田.

April 10, 1911 – Celebrates Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥’s birthday with Chen Bi 陳璧, Li Jun 力鈞, Chen Yan 陳衍 at Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥’s house.

April 13, 1911 – Celebrates Mao Xiang 冒襄 (1611-1693, courtesy name Chaomin 巢民, native of Rugao 如皋, modern Jiangsu)’s anniversary at Xizhao Temple 夕照寺 with Mao Guangsheng 冒廣生Chen Baochen 陳寶琛Zeng Xijing 曾習經, Wen Su 溫肅, Luo Dunrong 羅惇曧, Lin Sijin 林思進, Pan Bo 潘博 and Liang Hongzhi 梁鴻志.

April 15-May 2, 1911 – Various meetings with Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥Chen Yan 陳衍Chen Baochen 陳寶琛 and Luo Dunrong 羅惇曧.

May-June, 1911 – Meets Chen Baochen 陳寶琛 and visits Lingguang Temple 靈光寺 in Beijing with him and Chen Yan 陳衍.

June 15, 1911 – Eats with Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 and Chen Yan 陳衍 and then visit the Taoran Pavilion 陶然亭.

June – Visits Chen Yan 陳衍 and Chen Baochen 陳寶琛.

June 26, 1911 – Meets Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥.

July 2, 1911 – Scholar meeting with Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥Yan Fu 嚴復Gao Erqian 高而謙Gao Fengqian 高鳳謙 (1870-1936, courtesy name Mengdan 夢旦, native of Changle, modern Fuzhou) and others.

August 29, 1911 – Visit from Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥.

September 7, 1911 – Visit from Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥.

September-October, 1911 – Meets Chen Baochen 陳寶琛.

October 15, 1911 – Encounters Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥.

October 18, 1911 – Meets Yan Fu 嚴復.

June 16, 1912 – Meets Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥.

November 30, 1912 – Meets Yao Yonggai 姚永概.

December 13, 1912 – Meets Yao Yonggai 姚永概.

January 9 and 17, 1913 – Meets Yao Yonggai 姚永概.

April 4, 1913 – Meets Yao Yonggai 姚永概.

June 18, 1913 – Eats with Yao Yonggai 姚永概.

October 31, 1913 – Dinner with Xu Shuzheng 徐樹錚 (1880-1925, courtesy name Youzheng 又錚, native of Jiangsu) and some journalists from Pingbao 平報.

May-June, 1914 – Meets Song Xiaolian 宋小濂 (1863-1926, courtesy name Tiemei 鐵梅, native of Jilin 吉林).

October 16, 1914 – Visits Chen Baochen 陳寶琛 with Yan Fu 嚴復 and other members of the Meeting of the Old Men of Jin’an 晉安耆年會.

1914 – Meets with Lian Quan 廉泉 (courtesy name Huiqing 惠卿, native of Jiangsu) in Beijing.

January 19 and 26, 1915 – Meets Yao Yonggai 姚永概.

April 28, 1915 – Yao Yonggai 姚永概 visits Lin Shu.

July 11, 1915 – Visits Yao Yonggai 姚永概.

September, 1915 – Meets with Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥Shen Yuqing 沈瑜慶Gao Fengqian 高鳳謙 and others in Shanghai 上海.

September 7, 1915 – Visits Yao Yonggai 姚永概.

October 7, 1915 – Celebrates Yao Yonggai 姚永概’s birthday with Ma Qichang 馬其昶Yao Yongpu 姚永樸, Zhu Kongzhang 朱孔彰 (1842-1919) and others.

November 4-5, 1915 – The first day visits Shen Yuqing 沈瑜慶Gao Fengqian 高鳳謙, Jiang Boxun 江伯訓 and Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 in Shanghai. The next day visits the tomb of Zhang Yuangong 張園公 and dinners with Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥Li Xuangong 李宣龔Gao Fengqian 高鳳謙and Jiang Boxun 江伯訓.

November 22, 1915 – Yao Yonggai 姚永概 visits Lin Shu after his return.

December 12, 1915 – Yao Yonggai 姚永概 meets with various scholars, including Lin Shu, at Taoran Pavilion 陶然亭.

December 29, 1915 – Yao Yonggai 姚永概 and Shen Deng 沈澄 (1895-1951, courtesy name Zhongfei 仲斐, native of Shaanxi 陝西) visit Lin Shu.

January 7, 1916 – Yao Yonggai 姚永概 visits Lin Shu.

April 5, 1916 – Visits the Imperial Tomb for the fourth time with Liang Dingfen 梁鼎芬.

May 5-23, 1916 – Meets Yao Yonggai 姚永概, Zang Yinsong 臧蔭松 (courtesy name Jianqiu 磵秋, native of Jiangsu), Youjing 又靜, Wang Guoyuan 汪國垣 (1887-1966, courtesy name Bijuiang 辟疆, native of Jiangxi) and Zheng Runqi 鄭潤琦 (1873-1931, courtesy name Yanghan 仰韓, native of Guangdong).

June, 1916 – Duan Qirui 段祺瑞 (1865-1936, courtesy name Zhiquan 芝泉, native of Anhui) visits Lin Shu and asks him to be his consultant. Lin Shu refuses.

July 4-24, 1916 – Visits in different occasions Yao Yonggai 姚永概, Zang Yinsong 臧蔭松, Youjing 又靜, Lin Kai 林凱 (courtesy name Zoudan 奏丹, native of Min, modern Fuzhou) and Zheng Runqi 鄭潤琦.

September 10, 1916 – Commemorates the anniversary of his deceased friend Gao Fengqi 高鳳岐 with Chen Baochen 陳寶琛 and Zhuo Xiaofu 卓孝復 (1855-1930, courtesy name Zhinan 芝南, natural of Min, Fuzhou).

November 10, 1916 – Meets Yao Yonggai 姚永概.

November 16, 1916 – Fifth visit to the Imperial Tomb with Liang Dingfen 梁鼎芬 and Yu Lian 毓廉 (1868-1938, courtesy name Qingchen 清臣).

December 4, 1916 – Meets Yao Yonggai 姚永概.

February 23, 1917 – Meets with Yun Yuding 惲毓鼎 (1862-1917, courtesy Weisun 薇孫).

February-March, 1917 – Meets Liu Shiheng 劉世珩.

July 24-25, 1917 – Meets Yao Yonggai 姚永概.

August 27, 1917 – Meets Yao Yonggai 姚永概.

November 10, 1917 –Meets Yan Fu 嚴復.

February-March, 1918 – Meets with Mao Guangsheng 冒廣生Luo Dunrong 羅惇曧, Wang Yunli 王允蒞 (1867-1929, courtesy name Biqi 碧棲, native of Min, modern Fuzhou), Liang Hongzhi 梁鴻志Huang Jun 黃濬 (1890/1-1937, courtesy name Qiuyue 秋岳, native of Min, modern Fuzhou), Li Shikan 李石龕, Shen Jian 沈鑑 (f. 1813, courtesy name Kunshan 昆山), Fan Zengxiang 樊增祥 (1846-1931, courtesy name Jiafu 嘉父, native of Hubei), Mei Lanfang 梅蘭芳 (1894-1961, courtesy name Wanhua 畹華) and Cheng Yanqiu 程硯秋 (1904-1958, courtesy name Yushuang 玉霜, native of Beijing).

April 25, 1916 – Meets Yao Yonggai 姚永概.

June 22, 1918 – Zhang Yuanji 張元濟 (1867-1959, courtesy name Xiaozhai 筱齋) visits Lin Shu and also Cai Yuanpei 蔡元培. He meets Lin Shu again on June 27 and August 8.

November 24, 1918 – Seventh visit to the Imperial Tomb with Yu Lian 毓廉.

1918 – Mourns the death of his friend Jiang Chunlin 江春霖 (1855-1918, courtesy name Zhongmo 仲默, native of Putian 莆田, Fujian) with Chen Baochen 陳寶琛Sa Zhenbing 薩鎮冰 (1859-1952, courtesy name Dingming 鼎銘, native of Fuzhou), Jiang Han 江瀚 (1857-1935, courtesy name Shuhai 叔海, Changting 長汀, modern Fuzhou), Zheng Xiaocheng  Zheng Xiaocheng 鄭孝檉, Zhang Qin 張琴 (f. 1894, native of Sichuan) and others.

February, 1919 – Shen Yuqing 沈瑜慶 invites to his house for a scholar meeting Lin Shu, Fan Zengxiang 樊增祥, Luo Dunrong 羅惇曧, Wang Yunxi 王允皙 (1867-1929, courtesy name Youdian 又點), Liang Hongzhi 梁鴻志Huang Jun 黃濬Mao Guangsheng 冒廣生 and others.

March 16, 1919 – Meets Yao Yonggai 姚永概.

April, 1919 – Meets Qi Baishi 齊白石 (1864-1957, courtesy name Weiqing 渭清, native of Xiangtan 湘潭, Hunan 湖南), who went to Beijing to sell his paintings. Lin Shu buys all of them and praises them on Pingbao 平報.

September, 1919 – Huang Kan 黃侃 (1886-1935, courtesy name Jigang 季剛, native of Chengdu 成都, Sichuan) visits Lin Shu.

November 28, 1919 – Meets Yao Yonggai 姚永概.

April 21, 1920 – Yao Yonggai 姚永概 visits him.

October 9, 1920 – Zhang Yuanji 張元濟 visits Hu Shi 胡適 (1891-1962), Yan Fu 嚴復, Lin Shu and others.

Spring, 1921 – Participates in a poetry meeting of scholars in the Fayuan Temple法源寺 of Beijing, together with Pan Bo 潘博, Liang Hongzhi 梁鴻志, Lin Sijin 林思進, Zhao Xi 趙熙Chen Yan 陳衍Hu Sijing 胡思敬Chen Baochen 陳寶琛Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥Luo Dunrong 羅惇曧Mao Guangsheng 冒廣生Zeng Xijing 曾習經, and Wen Su 溫肅.

May 1, 1921 – Yao Yonggai 姚永概 visits him.

May 24-June 8, 1921 – Travels to Shanghai, where he meets Gao Fengqian 高鳳謙, Jiang Boxun 江伯訓, Dongsheng 洞省, Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥, Zheng Xiaocheng 鄭孝檉, Li Xuangong 李宣龔, Jiang Lizhe 蔣李哲.

June 8-10, 1921 – Travels to 雁蕩山 with Gao Fengqian 高鳳謙, Zheng Xiaocheng 鄭孝檉, Li Xuangong 李宣龔 and Jiang Lzhe 蔣李哲.

June 10, 1921 – Returns from Hangzhou and meets with Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 and Kang Youwei 康有為 (1858-1927, ) in Shanghai.

June 15, 1921 – Meets Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 and Li Xuangong 李宣龔.

June 17, 1921 – Dinner with Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥Li Xuangong 李宣龔, Zhao Fengchang 趙鳳昌 (1856-1938, courtesy name Zhujun 竹君, native of Jiangsu).

July- August, 1921 – Meets Mao Guangsheng 冒廣生.

August- September, 1921 – Zhang Zhihan 張之漢 (1866-1931), courtesy name Xianfang 仙舫, native of Liaoning.

September, 1921 – Meets Zhang Yuanji 張元濟.

October, 1921 – Meets Jin Jiansun 金籛孫, Xia Zengyou 夏曾佑 (1863-1924, courtesy name Suiqing 穗卿, native of Hangzhou), Li Jiaju 李家駒 (1871-1938, courtesy name Liuxi 柳溪), Wang Shitong 王式通 at Zhang Yuanji 張元濟’s residence.

October 27, 1921 – Birthday with his wife and many former students.

November 20, 1921 – Tenth visit to the Imperial Tomb. Later meets Zhang Junpin 張君聘.

1921 – Meets Li Zhaozhen 李兆珍 (1846-1927, courtesy name Jicai 姬偲, native of Changle, modern Fuzhou) and Bao Gongyi 包公毅 (1876-1973, pen name Bao Tianxiao 包天笑, native of Jiangsu).

March 30, 1922 – Meeting with a group of scholars: Xu Baoheng 許寶蘅, Fan Zengxiang 樊增祥, Guo Zengxin 郭曾炘Lin Kaijian 林開謇 (1862-1937, courtesy name Yishu 貽書, native of Changle, modern Fuzhou), Shen Zhuxian 沈祖憲 (1852-1932, courtesy name Lüsheng 呂生, native of Shaoxing, Zhejiang), Zheng Yuan 鄭沅 (d. 1943, courtesy name Shujin 叔進, native of Changsha 長沙, Hunan), Min Erchang 閔爾昌 (1872-1948, courtesy name Baozhi葆之, native of Jiangdu 江都, Yangzhou 揚州), Chen Ding 陳鼎 (f. 1843, courtesy name Lizhai 理齋, native of Tongcheng, Anhui), Guo Zeyun 郭則澐 (1882-1946, courtesy name Zheyun蟄雲, native of Houguan, modern Fuzhou), Huang Jun 黃濬, Wang Shitong 王式通, Wu Changshou 吳昌綬 (b. c. 1857, courtesy name Yincheng 印丞, native of Renhe, modern Hangzhou), Zhao Chunnian趙椿年 (1869-1942, courtesy name Jianqiu 劍秋, native of Jiangsu), Deng Shouxia 鄧守遐, Luo Dunrong 羅惇曧Luo Fukan 羅復堪 (1872-1955, courtesy name Fuan 敷庵, native of Shunde, Guangdong), Lu Zengwei 陸增煒 (f. 1898, courtesy name Tongshi 彤士, native of Jiangsu), Shao Houfu 邵厚夫, Xin Han 辛漢 (d. 1922, courtesy name Zhaozhi 濯之, native of Jiangsu), San Liuqiao 三六橋 (1871-1940, native of Hangshou), Gao Buying 高步瀛 (1873-1940, courtesy name Langxian 閬仙, native of Hebei), Zhou Zhaoxiang 周肇祥 (1880-1954, courtesy name Yang’an 養庵, native of Shaoxing, Zhejiang), Tang Di 湯滌 (1878-1948, courtesy name Dingzhi 定之, native of Jiangsu), Guan Yinren 關穎人 (native of Hainan, Guangdong), Ding Angong 丁闇公 (1870-1930, courtesy Xiufu 秀甫, native of Zhenjiang 鎮江), Chen Rengzhong 陳任中 (b. 1875, courtesy name Zhongqian仲騫, native of Jiangxi 江西) and Zhang Hua 章華.

Spring, 1923 – Meets  Chen Baochen 陳寶琛Chen Yan 陳衍, Li Jun 力鈞 and Huang Maoqian 黃懋謙 (courtesy name Heiyuan 嘿園, native of Houguan, modern Fuzhou).

July 15, 1923 – Dinner with Xu Baoheng 許寶蘅 and Sun Zhenjia 孫振家 (b. 1858, courtesy name Baozhi 保芝, native of Shandong).

January 12 and 23, 1924 – Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 visits him.

January 15, 1924 – Dinner with Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥Guo Zengxin 郭曾炘Zhuo Xiaofu 卓孝復, Lin Zhijun 林志鈞 (1878-1961, courtesy name Zaiping宰平, native of Min, modern Fuzhou), Huang Jun 黃濬Lin Baoheng 林葆恆 (b. 1881, courtesy name Jieru 介如, native of Min, modern Fuzhou) and others.

April 16, 1924 – Meets with Song Xiaolian 宋小濂, Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥, Zhou Shumo 周樹模 (1860-1925, courtesy name Shaopu 少樸, native of Hubei), Guo Zeyun 郭則澐, Xu Nailin 徐鼐霖 (1865-1940, courtesy name Jingyi 敬宜, native of Jilin), Qi Yaoshan 齊耀珊 (1865-1954, courtesy name Zhaoyan 照巖, native of Jilin) and others.

June 14, 1924 – Zheng Xiaoxu 鄭孝胥 visits him.

September 21, 1924 – Zhu Xizhou 朱羲胄 (courtesy name Xinfo心佛, native of Hubei) visits Lin Shu in his sickbed.